Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who is the ROI Coach?

Kassandra Vaughn is the CEO of Clean Slate Films, a successful film production company located out of Los Angeles, California and the Creator and Director of the Tavil Institute of Arts Management (opening officially January 2009). As a producer for reality tv and a writer for feature films, Kassandra has learned the art of marketing and selling ideas. She's pitched to network and film executives, has closed deals over lunch, and knows what it takes to achieve success. With an MBA in Human Resources, over 7 years experience as a professor of undergrad and graduate business courses, Ms. Vaughn is a businesswoman with the marketing, sales, and leadership know-how to get clients back on track. If you're looking to start a business, grow a business, recession proof your business, or resurrect it before it goes under, her coaching style and methods are the right choices for you!

What is invincible entrepreneurship?

Invincible entrepreneurship is when an entrepreneur knows:
1) What he/she sells
2) The value of that product/service
3) How to create a need for it in the market
and most importantly
4) How to brand his or her business after him/herself (YOU ARE THE BUSINESS!)

As a business and success coach, I work with entrepreneurs to achieve ROI (return on their investment) and come to a place of profitability and growth by conducting a SWOT analysis on the business (determining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), a personality profile on the entrepreneur (to uncover strengths to build on and weaknesses that need to be staffed by others), and a strategic 12 month plan for building, growing, starting, or resurrecting his or her small business. I offer packages of 8, 12, and 16 one hour phone coaching sessions at PHENOMENAL prices PLUS each client receives a strategic plan, a weekly motivational podcast to take with them everywhere they go, and a weekly itinerary and checklist to keep them on track. If you need a business coach that will get you focused, on purpose, strategically poised for success, and keep you motivated along the way, I'm the success coach for you!

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