Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Need a Life Coach but not at a Life Coach's Top Notch Price? ROI Introduces DOWNLOADABLE COACHING!

For the past few weeks, I've been brainstorming ways to deliver effective, inspiring, passion-filled coaching to the masses. I only take on 4 clients so my roster is full. My coaching programs are passion filled and purpose driven but they're at premium prices. The question became, "How could I offer more for less?" And the idea came to me! Downloadable coaching!

What is ROI Downloadable Coaching?

I work with clients on a variety of issues. Every week, we tackle one thing at a time and what I've found is that most people have recurring issues, particular topics that they need help changing beliefs about, getting focused on and committed to persevering through to achieve successful change and transition. Each person comes to the table with different issues but what if you had a coaching store filled with a variety of topics, issues, and titles where, for an unbeatable price, you could download the particular issue you want help on, and store it in your iPod, on your computer, on a CD to listen to in the car or at work and, any time you faced that issue, you could pop it in, listen to it, and, in 6 minutes or less, be reminded of the changes you're committed to making?

That's what ROI Downloadable coaching is. It's that burst of motivation and inspiration that you need for weak moments, crisis times, and anything in between. I've put up the first five and you can listen to samples of each of them on this site. Here are the first five download titles:

* Getting Your Mind Ready For Your Body
Overview: Gearing Up to Lose Weight & Reach Optimal Health

* HELP! The In-Laws From Hell Are Coming to My House!
Overview: Dealing with family conflict

* I Feel Like My Dream is Slipping Away. How Do I Stay Focused?
Overview: Persevering in your goals, even when it feels like nothing's happening

* I Want To Change Career Paths But I'm Scared
Overview: How to change careers without losing time or money

* I Don't Like Myself So How Can I Love Myself?

Overview: Getting beyond the cycle of "never good enough"

Listen, love, and buy!

All the best!

Kassandra Vaughn, CEO ROI Coaching