Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do You Feel Like a Winner?

When you work at home, it can get be very easy to get caught up in living a casual life- working in your pjs, taking coffee breaks at leisure, no makeup, no hair, taking meetings via teleconference or video chat (rather than face to face). The question you should ask yourself every day is this: Do I feel like a winner?

For me, there's something great about looking good (hair done, slight makeup), sunglasses on, and going out (even if it's just for a walk) feeling like a winner. Sweats, no make-up and grandma slippers never quite do that for me.

While it's fun and relaxing to be your own boss and to work at your own leisure, make sure you spice things up by doing at least one thing a day that makes you feel like a winner. In the "Science of Getting Rich", Wallace D. Wattles asserts that we should always present ourselves as an "advancing personality."

What's one thing you can do for you today to show (to yourself and your clients) that you are an advancing personality? Do that one thing today!

All the best!

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